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BA Art and Design Undergraduate Program

Why study art and design?

  • With a BA in art and design, you will have a well-rounded degree that provides a solid liberal arts foundation and broad career flexibility.
  • This non-comprehensive program is ideal if you’re seeking a double major or plan to minor in another area. Compliment your skill set with art.
  • Select from eight studio emphasis areas to concentrate on your preferred art form.

Degree options


View a BA Four-Year Degree Plan: Art and Design sample schedule.

BA in Art and Design Program Mission

The BA in Art and Design offers a well-rounded liberal arts education in which students learn to communicate their ideas effectively in visual, verbal, and written form. Students gain the technical skills and understanding to develop basic competency in visual language and expression in one or more media. Students learn to analyze and critique works of art, while becoming familiar with works by artists and designers of the past and the present, both in the Western and non-Western worlds. The BA Art and Design degree is intended to provide the student with a breadth of experience and understanding, rather than to necessarily prepare them for professional specialization in art or design.