BA Art History Undergraduate Program

Why study art history?

  • With internships, museum studies training, service-learning courses and more, our program provides you an experience unparalleled to any other state undergraduate program.
  • Get involved. You’re encouraged and enabled to conduct professional research, provide educational display text for exhibitions, publish in university journals and present at public symposia and conferences.
  • Our program promotes a rich educational experience that provides you with exceptional preparation for professional work and graduate studies.


  • Art History

  • Art and Artifacts Conservation course

  • Museum Studies visit to Nelson Atkins Museum

  • Art History Club

  • Art History exhibit

  • Intercollegiate Art History Symposium

  • Art History

  • Art and artifact collection storage

  • Santa Maria Del Carmine, Florence

  • Intercollegiate Art History Symposium, Springfield Art Museum

Degree options