New Media Track

Responding to the demands of Visual Culture in the 21st century, the New Media Track at Missouri State University is for creative minds eager to push the boundaries of art and technology. This program is not just about learning the tools of the trade; it's about envisioning the future of creative expression and making it your playground.


Why study new media?

Explore the Intersection of Art and Technology: Experience an immersive curriculum that blends theory and practice, where traditional boundaries are reimagined. Explore everything from digital imaging and net-art to interactive installations and virtual reality.

Studio-Based Learning for Real-World Skills: Our studio-centric approach ensures you experience a range of tools but also understand the context and culture of digital art. You'll graduate with a portfolio tailored to your goals that showcases your unique voice and experience.

A Forward-Thinking Career: The digital domain is ever-expanding, and so are the opportunities it provides. Whether you aspire to be a professional artist, a digital content creator, or to be an innovator in interactive design, our program is designed to open diverse pathways to your success.


  • New Media

  • New Media-- game design at BFA Senior Exhibition

  • Untitled by Aaron Futrell

  • New Media

  • New Media

  • New Media

  • Untitled by Aaron Futrell

Join our community

At Missouri State University, you're not just a student; you're part of a community that celebrates creativity and innovation. Our faculty are practicing artists, scholars and seasoned educators passionate about guiding the next generation of artists and designers. With access to equipment, facilities and a vibrant community, your education extends beyond the classroom.


Ready to Shape the Future of Art?

If you're driven by curiosity and inspired by the possibilities created by the intersections of Art, Design, and Technology, the New Media Track is your launchpad. Here, your vision for the future of art becomes a reality. Join us and transform your creative dreams into your life's work.



Degree options

Access a BFA four-year degree plan: art - new media track sample schedule.

Careers and outcomes

  • Digital Artist/Animator: Creating compelling visuals and animations for various media.
  • Interactive Media Designer / Developer: Designing immersive experiences for websites, apps, physical locations and extended realities.
  • User Experience / Interface (UI) Design & Development: Crafting intuitive and engaging interfaces for digital products.
  • Creative Technologist: Bridging the gap between technical solutions and creative challenges in industries ranging from advertising to entertainment.
  • Data Visualization: Turn complex data into understandable and visually appealing stories.
  • Multimedia Artist: Working across multiple digital platforms to produce innovative art and storytelling.
  • Art Director: Leading creative teams to execute visual strategies in marketing, publishing, or film production.
  • Digital Content Manager: A strong understanding of the various tools necessary to create and thrive in the Digital Content arena makes your experience essential to success.