Scholarships and Financial Aid

General application information for all departmental scholarships

  • The MSU Annual Scholarship Application is available each year around November 1 and the deadline is March 1.
  • All art and design department scholarships require the submission of a portfolio for consideration (artwork or written work, depending on the student's major field of study).
  • This selection of work should be submitted with the online application as a PowerPoint presentation accessible by both Mac and PC (written work—art history essays, for example—may be uploaded as Word files or PDF). Students wishing to submit animation should contact Bryan Jennings ( for current guidelines. Titles and dates of creative work should be included as part of the presentation.
  • At this time, the only art and design scholarship that requires letters of recommendation is the Hugh C. and Faith A. Yorty Award for Excellence in the Field of Painting and Drawing.
  • Notification of scholarship decisions will be made in May.