Visiting Artists, Designers and Scholars Series

The mission of the Visiting Artists, Designers and Scholars Series is to bring a diverse selection of international, national, and regional talent to Missouri State University and the greater community to broaden public discourse on contemporary and historical art.

The series serves a wide community of citizens and scholars with an ongoing series of stimulating events and programming that explore the evolving nature and significance of art in relation to culture and society.


  • Anna Valdez (painting and ceramics)
  • Corwin Levi (multidisciplinary art + design)
  • Public Sculpture Symposium: J. Aaron Alderman, Jenn Peek, Theda Sandiford
  • Monika Weiss (installation, video, performance)


  • Larry Gawel (photography)
  • Felipe Taborda (graphic design)
  • Leticia Bajuyo (sculpture)
  • Rachel Youn (sculpture + installation)
  • Sizhu Li (installation)
  • Bede Clarke (ceramics)


  • Terry Barrett (art criticism + art education)
  • Naima Lowe (multidisciplinary)
  • Erika B. Hess (painting + professional development)
  • Rae Senarighi (painting + activism)


  • Leslaw Tetla (multidisciplinary)


  • Zora Murff (photography)