Careers and Outcomes

“'My goal is to create a space for students to just be themselves and be part of a fun classroom community,' explains Olyvia, an Art Education alumna. “Growing up, the art room was a magic place to me, [it] still is!' "

Check out what our alumni are doing.

A World of Creative Opportunities!

  • Professional Artist-- a studio artist, artisan, assistant, or technician.
  • Professional Designer--Designer, Art Director, Illustrator, Graphic Novelist
  • Education-- teaching at schools, universities, or other institutions
  • Graduate studies-- go on to pursue an MFA, MA, or a PhD
  • Studio or gallery owner
  • Gallery, museum assistant, or art handler
  • Freelance artist or entrepreneur
  • Art critic or arts journalism
  • Nonprofits work
Even the Bureau of Labor Statistics says, “it pays to be an artist and designer”.   

Specialized possibilities

Depending on your particular interests and path of study, potential careers and outcomes.

3D Studies
  • CAD/CAM & 3D modeling
  • Bench Jeweler
  • Jewelry Industry designer
  • Public Artist
  • Fabricator
  • Museum Display Fabricator/Sculptor
  • Set design
Computer Animation and Digital Art
  • Fine Art
  • Gaming
  • Advertising
  • Film and Television
  • Visual effects
  • Medical visualization
  • Architectural visualization
  • Commercial production
  • Product development
  • Film
  • App Development
Drawing, Painting
  • Illustration
  • Advertising
  • Positions at Artist Residency Program
  • Positions in art museums
  • Studio Assistant
  • Muralist, public art
  • Fine arts/exhibition
  • Commercial photography
  • Journalism
  • Documentary/Magazine photography
  • Commercial printing
  • Fine printing
  • Poster artist
  • Master printer
Art History and Museum Studies
  • Education
  • Research 
  • Museum and gallery positions
  • Artist
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Cultural institutions
  • Non-profits and arts advocacy

With appropriate graduate study:

  • Higher education
  • Art curation and registration 
  • Art librarianship 
  • Art law
  • Art conservation and restoration
  • Visual resources management
  • Archaeology
  • Architecture
  • Historical preservation
  • Cultural resource management
  • Museums public programming
  • Museum education
  • Arts administration
Art Education
  • Teaching: K-12

With appropriate graduate study:

  • Art Therapy
  • Teaching and facilitation in institutional settings
  • Work with nonprofits, advocacy


Design and Illustration
  • Poster Artist
  • Brand Identity Developer
  • Logo Designer
  • Medical or Scientific Illustrator
  • 3-D Illustrator
  • Book Cover Designer
  • Cover Page Illustrator
  • Book or Magazine Designer
  • Layout Artist
  • Newspaper Designer or Illustrator
  • Children’s Book Author or Illustrator
  • Graphic Novel or Comic Artist
  • Editorial or Political Cartoonist
  • Exhibit Designer
  • Environmental Designer
  • Type Designer, Signage Designer
  • Package Designer
  • Infographic Designer
  • Web Designer, Web Illustrator
  • Interactive Media Designer
  • Motion Graphic Designer
  • Games Character Developer
  • Film Title Designer
  • User Experience (UX) Designer
  • Visual Journalist
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Background Painter
  • Color Key Artist
  • Texture Artist
  • Concept Artist
  • Digital Painter
  • Creative Director or Art Director
  • Advertising Artist
  • Printing industry, graphic production specialist
  • Visual Communication

What are our graduates doing?

Recent alumni spotlights from the Art and Design Blog.

Midori Saito, Graphic Designer

If you asked Midori Saito, former Art + Design student, what she had been up to since graduating in 2018, she would reply, “Lots of things!” This is a bit of an understatement coming from the graphic designer.



Derek Parker, UX Designer

"I found the EA program by looking for classes that were geared towards aspiring producers and songwriters.” Parker says. This work in the EA program led to Parker’s current job: user experience designer at Sony Playstation®.



Batsheba Castro Martinez, Freelance Graphic Designer

Batsheba Castro Martinez has much wisdom to share–even though she graduated from MSU just over a year ago. Batsheba was a dual-major in graphic design and illustration at MSU, and is currently putting those skills to use through freelancing.



Chaney Jewell, Museum CuratorJewell

Ever since the age of 17 Chaney Jewell knew she wanted to be an art historian. Today, as the Curator of Collections for the Art and Science Center of Southeast Arkansas, she is living out that dream.



Kristin Yarnell, Art Therapist

From receiving a BFA in art (with concentrations in both ceramics and photography) to now working as an art therapist, Kristin Yarnell has found her passion–with the unexpected help and inspiration from hometown friends and an English class.



Zack Neuman, Film Preservationist

If you would have told Zack Neuman in college that he would become a film preservationist, he wouldn’t have believed you. “I would think, that’s the coolest thing in the world,” Zack reflects, “Heck, I still think that’s the coolest thing in the world.”



Olyvia Yates, Art Educator

Olyvia Yates has taken her artistic talents to Prospect Ridge Academy, a charter school in Broomfield, Colorado, where she teaches art and yearbook classes and sponsors the National Art Society Chapter.  “I would say the biggest part of my day is just encouraging the students and assisting them in their creations… Every day is different in the art room, a true ‘revolving door’ of projects!”


Daniel Zender, Freelance Illustrator

Daniel Zender’s work ethic and signature creative style have gained him well-known commercial and media clients. He’s also winning awards in his industry.



Mikey Yates, Painter

Mikey Yates paints from images of the past, sharing his memories with the world. In the past year alone his work has been featured in exhibitions in New York, Ohio, Colorado, and even Colombia, and in the publications BOOOOOOOM, Friend of the Artist, YNGSPC and two editions of the New American Paintings magazine.


Tana Redman, Museum Curator

Tana Redman’s love for art history fueled her passions in museum studies, and allowed her to use both of these skills in her current job as Curator at the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in Mansfield, Missouri.


Desmond Dornak, Stop-Motion Animator

Desmond Dornak, graduated from the Electronic Arts/Animation program in 2017 and is living the dream making stopmotion animation for Dreamworks TV.  He can be seen in this behind-the-scenes interview about a recent episode for the “Trolls Toymotion” series.