3D Studies Track

  • Student working in metal shop

  • Student working in wood shop

  • Metals and jewelry students working

  • Metal raising stakes

  • Ceramics student checking firing kilns

  • Ceramic vases

  • Clayworks club raku firing, Japanese Fall Festival

Why engage in 3D Studies?

3D Studies offers a rich blend of ceramics, metals and jewelry, and sculpture in one interdisciplinary field of study, giving students the experience necessary to forge their unique path. Students can choose to focus on one medium or blend all three in the production of their artwork. A hands-on environment with small class sizes allows for ample one-on-one instruction primarily from tenured professors who are professionally recognized in their fields. Our courses provide training in traditional, digital, and experimental techniques, processes, and media.

Students in 3D Studies:

  • Develop analytical and conceptual thinking skills through rigorous studio critiques and historical and contemporary understandings in the field.
  • Participate in a rich learning experience through visiting artists, community outreach, and national and international student exchanges.
  • Engage in course work facilitates individual development in creating objects for self-expression and utilitarian function, better preparing you for graduate studies or to start a career.

3D Studies Areas


Ceramics follows the long tradition of being a community-based program that provides students with a solid foundation of knowledge in technical skills within ceramics. Students are introduced to the rich historical and contemporary craft of ceramics while engaging in advanced hand-building and wheel-throwing techniques. The program introduces the basics of glaze calculation and how to fire a variety of kilns including electric, raku, gas reduction, and wood-fired, as well as alternative firing techniques. Students learn to express their voices and visions through the creation of traditional and contemporary functional ware and sculptural forms, and even incorporation of digital media, performance, and installation. Through group critiques and one-on-one reviews students learn how to verbally communicate their vision and how to allow their work to be more successful.

Metals and Jewelry

Metals and Jewelry offers a broad education of jewelry and related object-making as a vehicle to communicate students’ ideas, within the framework of the social and cultural values of craft and design. The curriculum allows students to develop creative expression while cultivating strong craftsmanship and a deeper understanding of materiality and functionality through haptic practice. Students learn a wide range of techniques from historical and traditional metalsmithing skills, such as fabrication process, gemstone setting, casting, forming, enameling, as well as innovative digital-based technologies like 3D design software, resin printing, or laser cutting. In addition, a wide variety of materials from non-ferrous metals to found objects are introduced in the classroom, fostering a flexible and interdisciplinary approach to the subject matter. The aim is to provide well-balanced training in the design development process and a perspective of traditional and contemporary craft to enhance students’ success as artists, designers, and employees in the industry.


Sculpture provides students opportunities to develop a broad range of conceptual and technical abilities within the expanded field of sculpture. Coursework offers a strong technical foundation in wood and metal fabrication, casting processes, and alternative materials while focusing on developing the student’s unique vision for their work. In addition to traditional techniques and materials students, are also encouraged to explore digital modes of production and to work in a variety of scales and methods that might include public art, performance, sound, video, installation, and social practice. Sculpture can encompass many modes of production and output, and course work is designed to support students in their individual pursuits. The area fosters a supportive community focused on developing students' abilities to discuss and define their practice through critique and dialogue.

Student Organizations

3D Studies at Missouri State University offers students a collaborative and supportive environment. In addition to course work, our community is supported by three student clubs that participate in many university and outreach activities: Clayworks, Jewelry Students Association, and Sculpture Club. Through these organizations, students build community, develop professional skills, attend workshops and national conferences, and exhibit and market their work.


Ceramics Studios

  • Brent Slab Rollers (2)
  • North Star Extruder
  • Brent CXC Wheels (27)
  • Various Kick-Wheels available for possible use in special circumstances (Lockerbie, Brent, Peterson)
  • L and L DaVinci Lift Electric Kiln, 21 cu ft
  • Front Loading Euclid Electric Kiln, 12 cu ft
  • Front- Loading L and L Kiln, 13.7cu ft
  • Olympic Doll Electric Test Kilns (2)
  • Olympic Raku Kiln, 8 cu ft
  • Olympic Updraft Gas Kiln, 8 cu ft
  • Bailey Car Kiln, 24 cu ft
  • Bailey Car Kilns, 31 cu ft (2)
  • Crossdraft Wood Kiln, 24 cu ft
  • Outdoor courtyard spaces and materials to investigate alternative firings
  • Soldner Clay Mixer
  • Peter Pugger Pug Mill
  • Spray Booth
  • Glaze Mixing Studio

Metals and Jewelry Studio and Smithing Studio

  • Jewelers Benches (17)
  • Sand Blaster
  • Casting-Vacuum Machine
  • Centrifugal Casting Machine
  • Burn-out Kiln
  • Vulcanizer
  • Acetylene Torch
  • Natural Gas and Compressed Air Torches (8)
  • Powder Coating Equipment
  • Chemical Fume Hood
  • Enameling Kilns (3)
  • Tumblers (2)
  • Hydraulic Press
  • Wet Belt Sander
  • 8” Drill Press
  • Electro-Forming Machine
  • Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • Pickle Pots (2)
  • Bunsen Burners (2)
  • Various hand, air and electric power tools, air compressor system and dust collector system
  • Belt Sanders (3)
  • Buffing machine
  • Forming and Raising Equipment
  • Draw Horse
  • Rolling Mill

Sculpture Studio

Wood Shop
  • Saw Stop Industrial 10” Cabinet Saw
  • Router/Shaper Table
  • 14” Band Saw
  • 20” Variable Speed Bandsaw
  • 6” Jointer
  • Vertical Spindle Sander
  • Oscillating Edge Sander
  • 18” Planer
  • Wood Lathe
  • 12” Sliding Compound Miter Saw
  • 24” Disc Sander
  • Variable Speed Drill Presses
  • Various hand, air and electric power tools, air compressor system and dust collector system
Metal Shop
  • 7”x12” Horizontal Metal Cutting Bandsaw
  • Baileigh Industrial Electromagnetic 4’ Brake
  • Baileigh 50” Slip Rolls
  • Fume Extractors
  • 14” Rockwell Metal Cutting Bandsaw
  • 15” Powermatic Variable Speed Drill Press
  • 52” Foot Shear
  • Miller 250 MIG Welder (2)
  • Miller 350Syncrowave TIG Welder
  • Spot Welder
  • Plasma Cutter
  • Bench Grinders
  • Oxy/Acetylene
  • Baileigh Industrial Disc and Belt Grinder
  • Various hand, air, electric power tools, and air compressor system

Degree options

Access a four-year degree plan sample schedule for art BFA: 3D studies track.

Careers and outcomes

Professional development is an integral part of the 3D curriculum, preparing students to succeed with career goals including studio practice, graduate studies, and job opportunities in a variety of creative fields. The program provides a range of professional development opportunities including visiting artists, workshops, public art opportunities, art related community outreach, education abroad, internships, portfolio development, and self-promotion skill building.

Faculty in 3D Studies are dedicated to guiding the student’s development of their work in preparation to meet their future career goals in a variety of creative fields:

  • Studio Artist
  • Studio Potter
  • Jewelry Artist
  • Public Artist
  • Art-based Business Owner
  • Graduate Studies
  • Artist-in-Residence
  • Craftsperson:
    • private studio
    • self-employed or staff position
    • Freelance or commission based
    • crafts shop-self-employed owner or staff position
    • designer-contract commission basis
    • Historical craftsperson-staff position
    • Apprentice to Master Craftsperson
  • CAD/CAM & 3D modeling
  • Fabricator/Casting Industry
    • Metal Fabricator
    • Custom Woodworker
    • Foundry Worker
    • Model Maker
  • Museum related jobs
    • Art Exhibition Coordinator
    • Art Center Administrator
    • Museum Display Fabricator/Sculptor
    • Preparator
    • Sculpture repair/ maintenance
    • Conservator
  • Motion Pictures/ Theater Industries
    • Motion Pictures Sculptor
    • Set Designer
    • Set/ prop production
  • Product Designer/ Producer
    • Professional jewelry designer
    • Toy Designer
    • Bench Jeweler
    • Mold Maker
    • Caster
  • Education
    • Teacher/Instructor
    • Community Center Teacher/Administrator
    • Artist-in-the-Schools