Program Requirements

Your advisor can help you design a program of study that meets your needs and interests.

Degree requirements (Minimum of 36 hours)

A minimum of 36 hours of coursework is required. The course work distributed over 2 years.

Core Courses

Core Courses (Required of all students): 30

Thesis/Non-Thesis/Capstone/Internship: 6

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ART 606 Historical Perspectives in Art Education 3 hrs
ART 615 Contemporary Curriculu and Pedagogy in Art Education 3 hrs
ART 619 Societal Influences in Art Education 3 hrs
ART 720 Introducing Art Criticism - Culture - Aesthetics 3 hrs
ART 730 Art Processes for Special-Needs Populations 3 hrs
ART 740 Artistic Practices I 3 hrs
ART 745 Artistic Practices II 3 hrs
ART 761 Educational Research Methodologies 3 hrs
ART 764 Preparation in Studio I 3 hrs
ART 765 Preparation in Studio II 3 hrs


ART 766 and ART 767


ART 788 and ART 789

Research Requirement - Choose one option below:

Written Thesis Preparation I/Written Thesis Preparation II


Exhibition Preparation/Exhibition Presentation


6 hrs


6 hrs

Additional Degree Requirements

Students may select either a studio emphasis or a written thesis to provide evidence of competencies and program expectations. Students will work with the area advisor to develop the program of study, which will be developed according to the needs and interests expressed by the advisee:

  • The advisee’s formal training at the undergraduate level,
  • The teaching assignment of the advisee (if applicable),
  • Professional practices in which the advisee hopes to be involved in the future.

For the awarding of the Master of Art Education degree, the following is required:

  • Satisfactory completion of all coursework, maintaining program enrollment with a GPA of 3.0 or above.
  • Successful completion of the thesis presentation or exhibition presentation.
  • The Comprehensive Examination must be passed by the candidate before a degree is awarded. Comprehensive examination can be in form of thesis defense or exhibition presentation. The exhibition or thesis must be approved by supervising faculty and graduate committee.
  • All Missouri State University courses accepted to fulfill degree requirements must be at the 700 and/or 600-level in the emphasis area. Alternatives may be possible with approval of faculty.