Prior Learning Assessment

Credit for Introductory Art and Design Studio and Art History Classes

The Department of Art & Design grants credit for prior learning for beginning-level art and design studio and introductory art history courses.

To qualify for credit for studio courses, a student’s portfolio of previous work will be reviewed in combination with satisfactory scores from the Advanced Placement (AP) and the International Baccalaureate studies in Visual Arts. Credit for ART100 Two Dimensional Design, ART 101 Three Dimensional Design, and ART115 Drawing I will be considered.

Competency in art history will be assessed based on satisfactory Advanced Placement (AP) scores. Credit for either ART 271 History of Western Art I or ART 272 History of Western Art II will be considered.

The listing of satisfactory scores can be found at the following links:

To initiate the portfolio review, the student should contact the department.

Waiver Exam for ART 100 Two Dimensional Design

Entering freshmen who feel that their art background is strong enough to permit a waiver of ART 100 Two Dimensional Design should apply to the Department Head for a waiver. Application forms and guidelines can be secured from the Art & Design Department. The full application process includes a portfolio review and a written examination.  This option for a waiver is not the same as course credit; it simply waives the specific course as a requirement.

For more information

Contact the Department of Art and Design by phone (417-837-2330) or email.