MFA Visual Studies Graduate Program

Stimulating personal innovation and growth

As a student in the visual studies graduate program, you will:

  • Study advanced visual arts and design, with an emphasis placed on your individual research
  • Have your specific research needs met behind a flexible curriculum covering contemporary, traditional, and interdisciplinary approaches and media
  • Have access to a wide range of facilities, including graduate studios

Helping you succeed

Make a smart investment in your future. Access financial aid and friendly support.

Language preparation is available for International Students.

Immersive academics

Get ready to meet your next mentor. You’ll be prepared, confident, and ready for your career.

MFA in Visual Studies Program Mission

The MFA in Visual Studies, with an emphasis on the student’s original studio research, prepares students to be leaders in Visual Art and Design. Through creative endeavor, inquiry, and investigation, students in the MFA in Visual Studies program become skilled in producing effective visual statements. In addition to their studio and technical capabilities they become critical readers, writers, and thinkers. Through classroom experience and by professional example, they inform the next generation of visual communicators by leading explorations of and discussions about visual culture. In the MFA Visual Studies program students have the opportunity to explore interdisciplinary approaches to art and design, and are exposed to critical discourses relating to community, identity, public responsibility, and humanity. As ambassadors of the Public Affairs mission of the University, they graduate not just as educated citizens but as ethically-aware ones.