Student Print Shop

Professional printing services are available for art and design students. This departmental printing system is separate from Missouri State's BearPrint system used for standard student printing in computer labs.

Students may submit a print job order to the large format printers in Brick City 1, Room 305, using the following instructions:

1. Purchase credit

Purchase enough Print Shop Credit to cover your upcoming print charges. Review current printing prices online.

From the campus network, you may sign in with Missouri State BearPass credentials to check your current Print Shop Credit balance.

Currently there are two methods for buying credit:

Check balance

Purchase credit

2. Load credit

Load the Print Shop Credit you've purchased to Art and Design's online PaperCut printing system. This must be done before your print job order can be printed. The loading process depends on how you purchased the credit:


Student Print Shop techs receive daily reports of online credits purchased and will apply those to students' Art and Design PaperCut accounts.

Art Shop

Students may bring their Art Shop (BRK1-0143) receipts to the Student Print Shop (BRK1-0305) so the tech can load the credit to the student's Art and Design PaperCut account.

3. Submit print job order

From a web browser on the campus network, sign in to Art and Design's PaperCut system with Missouri State BearPass credentials and submit a new print job order.

Print jobs must be submitted in PDF format. Follow the PDF poster preparation instructions of your instructor.


4. Monitor print job order status

Watch your Missouri State email inbox for notifications as Print Shop techs process your print job order.

Be prepared to answer questions if there are problems with the PDF file you submitted.

5. Pick up print job

You will receive an email notification with instructions on when/where to pick up your print job. Print Shop hours are posted online.