Student Organizations

Join like-minded imaginative thinkers and doers outside the classroom. Learn, share and explore your talents together. From creative exhibitions to networking events, student organizations provide limitless opportunities for you to share your gift.

  • NAEA trip to Chicago

  • Chalk Art Festival, Idea-X Factory, 2016

  • GNOMECOMING 2016! Rawr! Go, Bears!

  • Art History Club at the Nelson Atkins Museum, Kansas City

  • Clayworks members demonstrate Raku, Japanese Fall Festival

The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) is a global community of design advocates and practitioners. AIGA represents designers, connects students and professionals in a community passionate about design, teaches everyone about the value of creativity and design, and helps students learn how to navigate the ins and outs of working as a professional.
The Museum Studies/Art History Club helps you network with other  majors and minors to plan, organize and participate in museum studies/art history-related activities on campus and in the region. Social activities and group field trips to museums and galleries in the area add a rich extra layer to your undergraduate experience.
Continue to mold your passion for clay-making as a member of Clayworks. Share your gifts with members of our community through exhibitions and educational events.
Promote a greater awareness of historical context and contemporary developments in the field of jewelry and metals among other students and the Springfield community.
NAEA supports the importance of the arts in the school system and in the community, and offers professional development opportunities. The MSU Chapter of NAEA helps you become involved with various art programs in the community and to build connections with art teachers in the area. Join visual arts teachers, scholars, researchers, professors, students, administrators, art museum educators and artists who come together around a shared belief in the power of the arts.
Sculpt It
Foster an active interest in sculpture in the university and community. Bring together individuals with a common interest in sculpture as a boundless art form, and use this desire to benefit the community.
Student Photographic Society
A dynamic organization that pursues a variety of public affairs projects, such as conducting photographic workshops for the Boys and Girls Club in Springfield and providing family portraits for needy families during the holiday season. The Student Photographic Society also secures funding for our visiting artist program, which invites renowned contemporary photographers to the MSU campus to present lectures about their creative contributions and to conduct critiques/workshops with photography students.
Comprised of graphic design, illustration, and animation students, Students in Design furthers the educational experience through visits from internationally renowned designers, trips to places like New York City and Dallas, and opportunities to connect with professionals in the field.
In association with the MFA in Visual Studies. The purposes of this organization are to share the knowledge and expertise pertaining to individual graduate research relating to Visual Studies; to broaden the experience of all graduate members; to get students involved in the local art community, create a community of their own, and help them build leadership skills that will be valuable as they move into the professional world; support, when possible, the attendance and/or participation in professional meetings, conferences, and shows; and plan workshops, bring in guest speakers, attend exhibitions, create fundraising activities, and provide opportunities to its members to exhibit work.