Art and Design at Missouri State

Undergraduate and Graduate Areas of Study

Focus + enthusiasm. The Department of Art + Design offers five undergraduate majors, two master’s programs—in art education and in visual studies—and a range of minors in art, design, art history, and museum studies. Pursuits are varied, but all require imagination and passion. Not sure which program is right for you? Ask a professor. They’re here to teach but also to advise. Schedule an appointment to discuss your options.



Hone your skills in the fine arts to develop a greater sense of personal voice and expression.

Art Education

Learn how to engage and motivate K-12 learners in the study and appreciation of visual art.

Art history

Study the role of visual media throughout history and prehistory to prepare for a career in museums, galleries and academic settings.


Prepare for the design profession by developing the conceptual skills needed to solve problems through visual communication.

Electronic arts

Take advantage of the many career opportunities opening up via electronic media in this interdisciplinary program that stresses creative collaboration.


Students in the Visual Studies Master of Fine Arts graduate program experience advanced study in Visual Arts and Design with emphasis placed on the student’s individual research.

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