Program Requirements

Major requirements (42 hours)

  1. Foundations (12 hours): ART 100(3), 101(3), 110(3), 115(3).
  2. Art History (9 hours): ART 271(3) or 272(3); ART 273(3) or 274(3); and 3 hours of art history electives, chosen with approval of advisor.
  3. Studio emphasis: a minimum of nine hours, chosen with approval of advisor, in one of the following studio areas: ceramics, digital arts, drawing, metals/jewelry, painting, photography, printmaking, or sculpture.
  4. Public Affairs Capstone Experience Requirement: ART 492(3).
  5. Additional courses in art history, design, or studio, chosen with approval of advisor, bringing the total number of hours in Art and Design to no fewer than 42. ART 200 cannot be used to satisfy this requirement.
  6. Minor required (or second major). Note: No more than six hours may count for both the major and the minor. Students should seek advisor approval for courses in the minor.
  7. Specific Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements

University level requirements:

  1. General Education Program and Requirements
  2. General Baccalaureate Degree Requirements